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    Updated on 23 May 2019. Posted on 22 May 2019

    17 Aussie Backpacker Habits That’ll Make You Scream “Why Are We Like This”

    There's always one.

    1. There are just so many of us EVERYWHERE.

    CBC / Via

    Backpacker law states that there must be three Aussies in every hostel at all times.

    2. We have no idea how to drink in moderation.

    Netflix / Via

    *Has traumatic flashbacks to chugging goon as a teenager.*

    3. We refuse to go home, whether it’s a nightclub or the European continent.

    NBC / Via

    Nothing good happens after 2am or 90 days in the Schengen zone.

    4. Nobody understands our sense of humour…or anything we say, tbh.

    NBC / Via

    Yeah nah, she'll be right.

    5. Growing up with snakes and spiders means we aren’t afraid of anything.

    Network Ten / Via

    Death Road, Bolivia? Sign me up!

    6. We swear way too much, even when we’re trying to be complimentary.

    Love Island Australia / Via

    Those poor, scandalised Americans.

    7. We will invite you to visit our hometown...repeatedly.

    VH1 / Via

    Despite the fact that we can barely afford the flight home ourselves.

    8. We get weirdly excited about public transport.

    Comedy Central / Via

    You mean this train is efficient, affordable and on time?

    9. We will make you try Vegemite.

    Netflix / Via

    You're gonna love it.

    10. We’re pretty flexible with plans, so we’ll probably end up crashing yours.

    Hulu / Via

    It's going to be either the best time of your life or a complete disaster.

    11. We get easily overwhelmed in the Big Smoke.

    VH1 / Via

    Any city with more than three skyscrapers is a lot to take in.

    12. We're always up for a chat! Even if it’s in the middle of the night and in the dorm room for everyone to hear.

    Recording Academy/GRAMMYs / Via

    We also don’t know how to speak at an acceptable volume.

    13. We are terrible at learning other languages.

    Netflix / Via

    Although we can usually manage to remember how to say cheers.

    14. Our warped sense of distance means we will try to make you walk everywhere.

    Hulu / Via

    It's not that far!

    15. We just can’t stop complaining about how shit the coffee is.

    Netflix / Via

    It’s just not as good as it is back home.

    16. Or how the beaches don’t compare to the ones down under.

    Disney / Via

    Is a deserted stretch of golden sand, rolling waves and crystal-clear water too much to ask for?

    17. But at the end of the day, you know the hostel wouldn't be the same without us.

    Netflix / Via

    Quieter. It would be quieter.

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