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    It's Freaking Cold

    But there are ways to feel warm again.

    It's cold. Like, really, extremely, painfully super cold.

    In December there were lights and decorations to distract you from your frostbitten limbs, but now it's all you can think about.

    And sometimes no matter how many layers you pile on...

    You still go numb.

    On weekends there's an easy solution: full-body blanket.

    But eventially there will be work, or school, or the desperate need to go to CVS. And you'll have to venture outside. Into the horrible cold.

    But there are ways to recover after your brave journey through the ice kingdom your neighborhood has become.

    Like microwavable socks.


    Warming face wash.

    Arts and crafts involving glue guns.

    Opening your laptop and running all the programs.

    Hot curlers.


    Microwavable puppy.

    Watch a movie with hot people.

    Watch a movie with hot people.

    Before you know it, you'll forget it's even winter.