’90s TV Promos From Your Favorite Childhood Channels

You only got One Saturday Morning, but you got a ton of Disney Zoogs.

1. One Saturday Morning (ABC)

To make this promo relatable to kids watching Saturday morning cartoons they reminded them of how exhausted they are after a week of working at the local factory.

2. Zoog Movie (Disney Channel)

Showcasing the height of ’90s tween fashion: furry vests and massive messy buns.

3. Nick Bumpers (Nickelodeon)

Ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-ni-nick. Nickelodeon. That was your jam.

4. Zoogs (Disney Channel)

To get kids to visit our website, let’s tell them tiny creatures live in the internet, and to make it extra fun, let’s get the guy who does the music for Tim Burton movies to write their theme song!

5. Face (Nick Jr.)

Like Pavlov’s dogs, at the sound of the trumpet you expected some quality post-nap cartoons.

6. WB Yourself (Kids WB)

To enjoy the cartoons, you must become one with the cartoons.

7. PBS Pals (PBS)

Giant heads on tiny feet, adorable or creepy?


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