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7 Concepts For The Next Great High School Drama

We need to fill the hole left by One Tree Hill.

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1. Just A Bunch Of Normal High School Kids....And Parkour

The students at William Henry Harrison High don't care about football or prom; all they want to do is climb street lamps and scale the side of the library. Life has put roadblocks in their way: parents who don't understand, old injuries that keep them grounded, small business owners sick of cleaning shoe prints of their buildings. Will their love of the sport be enough?

2. Just A Bunch Of Normal High School Kids....And The Bronx Zoo

These six seniors have had more than their share of run-ins with the law, and now they have one last shot to finish their community service hours or get sent to jail. Will caring for the animals teach them to care about each other? Will the physical pain of being mauled by a tiger distract them from the emotional pain that's sent them on this path?

3. Just A Bunch Of Normal High School Kids....Who Have Amnesia

Patients one, two, three, and four all have one big thing in common; they have no idea who they are. A four car pile up left them all with broken bones and a serious case of amnesia. As they go through what was found in their cars, they begin to piece together their pasts, and as the memories come back, they begin to wonder if they want to go back to your old lives (and also, what's "Wii")?

4. Just A Bunch Of Normal High School Kids...Who Write A Hit TV Series

Mrs. Swanson's AP english class thought writing a TV pilot for a sitcom based on Oedipus Rex was just another one of her wacky assignments. They had no idea her brother is a network executive until they get the call-the show's been picked up for a 24 episode season. Now they're out in LA, living on their own, trying to figure out who they are, what they want for their future and how to keep America laughing about accidental incest.

5. Just A Bunch Of Normal High School Kids....Who Work At A Renaissance Faire

In the small town of St. Clair there aren't any Dairy Queens or Burger Kings to provide the local teens with jobs; the only way they can fill out their college funds is by working at the local Renaissance Faire. As they deal with mutton-borne food poisoning, ill-fitting corsets, and a mysterious new guy who just won't stop breaking character they learn that being in high school is tough, no matter the century.

6. Just A Bunch Of Normal High School Kids....Who Work In A Law Office,

When nine students from Deus Ex Machina Prep are chosen for internships at a prestigious law firm in the city, they figure they'll be filling paper work and taking phone calls. They have no idea they're going to be the teen perspective for the legendary Michael Whitman, who specializes in legal emancipations. Will he teach them the law, or how to cheat it (or both)?

7. Just A Bunch Of Normal High School Kids...Trapped in the 1920s

The James K. Polk High School drama club is just enjoying a quiet Friday night watching Chicago when a sudden lighting serge throws them back into time, and they end up in 1925. At first the teens spend all their energy trying to get back to their time, but when they realize how much more comfortable flapper dresses are than skinny jeans and no one cards at speakeasies, they wonder if getting back is what they really want.