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    6 Anthology Movie Stories That Deserve Their Own Film

    Plots that still have you wondering, "What happened?"

    "Love Actually" Sam and Daniel

    Honestly, any of the stories from Love Actually could be made into a full length film (except the Keira Knightley love triangle, that would best serve an episode of "Grey's Anatomy") but it's the relationship between Sam and his step dad that truely deserves further examination. And if he and Joanna just happen to have a scene where they hold hands while watching Titanic, that would be ok too.

    "Valentine's Day" Holden and Sean

    It's not that Holden's coming out was that compelling, but the fallout of a professional football player admiting he's gay could make for an interesting movie. Plus, any excuse to put Eric Dane and Bradley Cooper on the big screen is a good one.

    "Paris, Je t'aime" Francine and Thomas

    This pair's meet cute is so adorable (Thomas chivalrously shows her a shortcut to her audition, meaning their first date is just a dash through the streets of Paris) you want to see all the sweet moments that come after. The sped up montage of their relationship is fun, but it would be nice to focus in on some of the dates they flash by, and be able to watch them without the overtones of soul crushing despair from the supposed break up.

    "New York, I Love You" the actress and the boy in the park

    The fact that the method actress and the teen she tricks into taking her to prom by pretending to be a paralyzed make a wish kid doesn't get an actual character name proves just how much this film short cries out for a backstory. How did she get in contact with her date to trick him in the first place? Was this a one time thing for her particular character, or was she hitting a formal in any borough?

    "New Year's Eve" Kim and Sam

    This movie, telling the story of the inevitable break-up of a man who falls in love with the idea of a woman based on a one time meeting then tries to have a relationship with the actual person, would be a kind of cinematic experiment. What if Blue Valentine had been a rom-com?

    "Babel" Chieko Wataya

    The set up for Chieko Wataya's story alone-a deaf teen dealing with the death of her mother and her distant father, is worth at least a full length Sundance entry. Add to that the cop that treats her with kindness and the suggestion that she might be more involved in her mother's death then she's lead others to believe, and a third of a movie just isn't enough to do the story justice.

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