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    23 Things You'll Never Get Too Old For

    Yes, you're old enough to drink, and you'll take that drink with a bowl of mac 'n' cheese.

    1. Playing in boxes

    2. Doodling with Sharpies

    3. Kids movies

    4. Popping bubble wrap

    5. Snowball fights

    6. Notes from mom

    7. Legos

    8. Mac 'n' cheese

    9. Making sand castles

    10. Pillow forts

    11. Advent calendars

    12. Water-gun fights

    13. Pool noodles

    14. The arcade (and the prize counter)

    15. Trampolines

    16. Footie pajamas

    17. The prize in the cereal box

    18. Making snow angels

    19. Bubble baths

    20. Goldfish

    21. Stickers

    22. Naps

    23. Sippy cups

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