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    17 Uncomfortable Moments After You Break Up With A Friend

    Parting ways with a friend can hurt just as much as spiltting from a significant other.

    1. When you realize they still have your DVD and you don't know how to ask for it back.

    2. When someone who assumes you two still hang out asks how they're doing.

    3. When you realize all the things they know about you that could now be used against you.

    4. When you go to make peace on their Facebook wall and realize you've been unfriended.

    5. When you end up seated together at a party.

    6. When a mutual friend suggests you invite them to a gathering.

    7. When you're scrolling through Facebook and see this.

    8. When you bump into them at the store and you don't know whether you should say hello.

    9. When there's news about a person/band/movie that only they would appreciate and you can't talk to them about it.

    10. When you confront them about the split, only to realize the talk was a dream.

    11. When you go to call them, then you remember...

    12. When you put your iPod on shuffle and "Friends Forever" comes on.

    13. Or you hear the "Golden Girls" theme song.

    14. Or "You're My Best Friend."

    15. When you find an old picture of you together.

    16. When you catch one of the extreme bromance episodes of "Boy Meets World."

    17. When you watch any part of "The Fox and the Hound."

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