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17 RAs You Wish You Had In College

These resident assistants would have made your dorm life so much better.

1. The one who got creative with their door tags.

2. The one who takes pride in their bulletin boards.

3. The one that appreciates classic gaming.

4. The one who knows how to get info out in a simple way.

5. The one who knows their memes.

6. The one who always lets their residents know where they are.

7. The one who knows what their residents really use the computer lab for.

8. The one who planned this awesome team building activity.

9. The one who's willing to overlook things during room inspections.

10. The one who reminds their residents of a simpler time.

11. The one who schedules floor meetings sparingly.

12. The one who encourages conflict resolution between roommates.

13. This one who knows how to decorate the common space on any budget.

14. The one who realizes the importance of free food.

15. The one who understands their residents' need to regress.

16. The one who always gives fair warning.

17. And the one who isn't afraid of puns.

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