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    Posted on Sep 25, 2012

    Why You Should Run A 5K

    Now that it's officially fall it's unofficially 5k season. Don't worry, snacks will be provided.

    1. The runner's high

    Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

    2. You can get you in shape for the zombie apocalypse

    3. Post-race beer tastes better

    4. You can break out your old dance costume

    5. You can get ahead of the holiday weight gain

    6. You think you might find yourself next to this guy

    7. You can do some family bonding

    8. Swag

    9. You've always wanted to make your cape fly

    10. You'll get an excuse to get dirty

    11. Like, really dirty

    12. You might see a celebrity

    13. If you eat while you're running it doesn't count

    14. Finishing will make you feel powerful

    So on race day- Don't forget to stretch

    Take in some carbs

    And enjoy your accomplishment

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