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    13 Teen Death Novels From The '90s That Actually Exist

    You know you want to pick up a Lurlene McDaniel book about high schoolers dealing with their mortality, but which one do you chose?

    1. Maybe you're in the mood for a teenage love story. With cancer.

    2. You could try one that suggests a possible positive ending.

    3. Maybe mix things up, and pick one where both teens are terminally ill. Also, a wedding!

    4. You might want one with the inevitable end up front.

    5. Or you could need a little hope mixed in with your crushing despair.

    6. Try one where the protagonist is in no immediate danger of dying (but to keep the balance everyone else has to kick it.)

    7. Or a story about a high schooler giving his girlfriend the best present ever-a spare kidney?

    8. Or would you rather one with slightly confusing stakes?

    9. Or one that asks a question with a seemingly obvious answer?

    10. One whose title serves as a complete summary is always a good bet.

    11. Maybe one that boasts both an upfront death and the threat of a teen's demise?

    12. You could read one that's very straightforward.

    13. Better go with the most inappropriately upbeat cover.