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    26 Screenshots That Prove Buying And Selling Anything Online Is An Actual Nightmare

    "I'll give you $1,000 and a baby crocodile."

    If you've ever dabbled in buying or selling something on an app, I don't have to tell you the total mayhem that takes place there.

    Yes, people sell strange things:

    Person selling "world's largest McDonald's fry"

    But A LOT of the absurdity comes from simply having to message other buyers and sellers. Here are just 26 of these interactions:

    1. This overreaction:

    Person who left a 5-star review "30 weeks ago" now says the package arrived damaged and they're thinking about suing the seller

    2. This perceived overreaction:

    A potential buyer asks if there are any stains on the leggings, and then says "Okay let's calm down" when the person says "No!"

    3. This mid-convo forgetfulness:

    Person asks if they know the person they're texting with, and when the person says they don't—they're selling a washing machine and mirror, and asks if they're interested—the person says "no thank you"

    4. This 100% even trade:

    Person asks if they can trade a trumpet and $200 for a Jeep

    5. This perfect response to a low offer:

    Person asks if something is still available and can they buy it for $30, and seller says "No wonder you have a 1 star" and the person says "That's not funny, dumb bitch," and seller says, "It's pretty funny lmao"

    6. This stealthy move:

    Person can do $4K, seller can only do $4.5K, person gives thumbs-up and says they'll contact buyer once a deposit goes through; buyer says they can't do $4K and person mentions thumbs-up, and seller reminds them that THEY sent the thumbs-up

    7. This kind of comforting misunderstanding:

    Person asks if seller would ship go Spain, and seller says "I don't do international shipping I'm afraid" and person says "Afraid of what? Do not be scared"

    8. This (actually pretty reasonable) clapback:

    Persons asks how many miles on car, how long person has owned it, and why they're selling it, and when seller asks do they wanna buy it or know their life story, person says it's a 25-year-old car and they're reasonable questions

    9. This kind of clever but extremely violent threat:

    Seller says they made it clear on the title that they won't be splitting, and person says "I'll split ur head in two if u don't give me this deal"

    10. This skepticism turned into negotiation:

    Person asks why so cheap, and seller says they just want to get rid of it without dealing with shipping, and person asks if they'll make a better deal 'cause "today's my bday lol it really is"

    11. This desperation:

    Person trying to trade random stuff like a rare action figure and kerosene heater for a Harley Davidson

    12. This sudden hotheadedness:

    Seller says it's a fixer-upper and there's a leak near the front sunroof, and person says listing says it was a fixer-upper, but that doesn't  necessarily mean it has a leak and calls the seller a smart-ass asshole

    13. This surprisingly G-rated name-calling:

    Buyer asks if something is still available and then says "Block me, loser, coward," and "Where's your church" and sends kissing, smiling, and laugh emojis

    14. This low-effort scam attempt:

    Person asks if someone can draw them, and when they're told it costs $15, they say that they're the mom of someone who died in a car crash and liked the person's art and can they draw them as a funeral gift

    15. This simple exchange:

    Person asks if item is available, is told yes, then says "don't need it" and seller says "Me neither"

    16. This extreme "I saw it first" mentality:

    Person says they're reporting seller on Facebook and calling CPS on someone, then calls them a "scandalous bitch," because seller said something was available for "that coffee table"

    17. This Squishmallow rant:

    Seller says item is "perfect size for squishmallows," and person says the comment wasn't necessary and they don't like pushy sellers and they probably would have had a sale if they hadn't said that; plus, it's not the perfect size, it's a little small

    18. This kind of endearing optimism:

    Person asks if a couch can fit into a subway car

    19. This blunt honesty:

    Person asks if item is still available, and when seller says yes, are they interested, person says "No, I was just wondering"

    20. This determination:

    Person asks if TV screen is still available, seller says it's sold, person says "$50?" Person says it's sold and that was way below asking price, person asks when can they pick it up, seller says there's nothing to pick up, and person says "Then say that"

    21. This plea:

    Person asks can they come at 7pm to look at wall piece, and when seller says yes and gives them their address, person asks if they and their husband can move in with them because they live in a small retirement bungalow with no garden

    22. This hypnosis attempt:

    Person asks if item is still available and what is the last price, and seller says "yes" and "what?"
    Seller says they don't know what that means and the listed price is $150, then buyer says "You want $100 on that?" and seller says "No, $150," and buyer says I'm coming now and I'm taking $100" and seller says "LOL, no you're not"

    23. This series of rapid-fire texts that ends in some good old-fashioned blackmail — all because someone took a little too long to rate their purchase:

    Seller asks if the PS4 arrived and can they rate it so they can release the money and also say they forgot the power cord
    Seller sends a barrage of messages asking buyer to rate, like "Your ratings say you take 48 hrs to respond OMG" and "You took forever to get the package," without a response
    Seller continues with multiple "?" text and finally "I have 500k followers on tiktok I will get you banned on here"

    24. This pretty good deal:

    Person says they don't have $2,300 and can they go lower, seller says "If you pay today, $2,000," and buyer says "I've got 1,000 and a baby crocodile" and posts pic of croc

    25. This little mix-up:

    Person asks if it's manual or automatic transmission, and seller says "They're wheels"

    26. And finally, this lovely piece of advice just in time for the holidays:

    Person asks twice if the item is still available, the seller says Merry Christmas, I just reported you, go get a job," and person says "I have a job, I'm just trying to buy my wife a present; I'll be sure to let others know you're weird"

    Have you had any frustrating experiences buying or selling online? Let me know in the comments below!