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    22 Random Objects That Men Have Compared Women To In Order To Make Their Very Misogynistic Point

    Objectification in the most literal sense of the word.

    1. Women are actually used shoes:

    2. Women are like a piece of cake, and men clearly have no self-control:

    man comparing being in the friend zone to a woman being a piece of cake he can't have

    3. Women are trash, and dating a single mom is like dumpster diving:

    man says there's no reward for being with a single mom that's on tinder

    4. Women are cans of beans:

    man comparing women to cans of beans and that he wouldn't want a dented can

    5. Women are either roses or just bare stems, depending on if they've had sex. We love objectification to promote purity culture 🙄:

    "every time you engage in premarital sex a precious petal is stripped away"

    6. Women are actually $100 graphics cards, even though they think they're $1,500 graphics cards:

    man saying women are like graphic cards and feminism has made them think too highly of themselves

    7. Women are pubs, and having kids = burning that pub down:

    headline of a woman giving birth to nine babies and a man responding and comparing her to a pub burning down

    8. Women are directionless paper that needs protecting:

    "woman are like paper, thin, light, they blow in the wind"

    9. Women are like guitars but can't have guitars. They're "not FOR them":

    man saying a guitar is based on a woman but it is not for them

    10. Women are like farms, and that's why this guy's pro-life:

    man comparing farming and harvesting seeds to women getting pregnant

    11. Women are goods that have market value:

    "as a potential costumer i have the right to know what i'm getting" a man says about a woman he met on a dating app

    12. Women are a leftover sandwich:

    text convo where a man compares his ex to a sandwich and asks the guy if he wants those leftovers too

    13. Women are used cars:

    a 34 year old man saying that a 27 year old woman is too old for him and that when you shop for cars you also set a preference for a lower mileage

    14. Actually, women are just cars, in general:

    woman are like cars, replace them every 5 years, take care of them to make them last longer, the fast ones are fun to drive but expensive and not practical for a family

    15. Women are...minerals:

    someone saying women should cover up their bodies because they'll be more valuable that way

    16. Women aren't women but flowers just waiting to be pollinated:

    men commenting on a photo of a woman saying if she dresses like that she deserves to be stared at and she's like a flower waiting to be pollinated

    17. Women's lives? Oh, they're video games:

    "dating a woman with a child is like continuing a game from someone else's save point"

    18. Women are fish that someone poked holes in:

    man saying that women masturbating is a sin

    19. Women are steak, and men are carnivores:

    post saying men talk about the friend zone but something not talked about is how you didn't have a friend just a man pretending to care so he could sleep with you
    someone responding by saying biology hasn't kept up with modern culture a carnivore can't be friends with a steak for long

    20. A woman is a lock that can be opened by any key, and therefore, worthless:

    when talking about women's sex lives a man says that a lock that can be opened by any key is worthless

    21. Women's bodies are so mysterious that they must be time machines from Doctor Who:

    "vaginas are potential space not tunnels" in response to a photo asking what the menstrual disc was

    22. And finally, women are unprotected banks:

    man saying a naked woman getting raped is like a bank with open doors getting robbed and it's both the woman's fault and the bank's fault