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    18 Times Men Saw Women Just Living Their Lives And Decided It Was A Personal Attack Against Them

    "Women that wear loose T-shirts over their workout clothes are the reason sexism exists."

    As women, sometimes we'll be minding our own business, going about our day, when BAM, a man will have a super-absurd reaction to whatever normal and inoffensive thing we're doing, and somehow it ends up being our fault for "provoking" them.

    So, I thought it would be fun to take a look at just some of the ridiculous things men have blamed women for:

    1. This woman is to blame for doing three pull-ups on a pull-up bar:

    A woman tells a man she was uncomfortable with his comment about touching her, and he responds that it was a joke but that showing off her body while on the pull-up bar will make men horny

    2. This woman is to blame for literally doing her job:

    A one-star review that complains about a woman who works there wouldn't pay attention to him until he bought something

    3. Women are to blame for not wearing bras:

    A tweet saying not wearing a bra is disrespectful to people's marriages, their future spouse, and God

    4. This woman is to blame for responding to a text:

    A text conversation where a man asks out a woman, the woman says she's in a relationship, and the man then acts like the woman is trying to ask him out and says she's obsessed with him

    5. This woman is to blame for wearing leggings:

    A man asks a woman to stop wearing leggings because it's making him feel tempted and endangering his Christian faith

    6. This woman is to blame for not "popping a titty":

    A woman asks a man to stop asking her to send pictures, and he responds with a long and angry rant about how he's had a bad day and she's being shitty by not "popping a titty" for him
    The woman responds by correcting the man's spelling, and he gets more angry and says "don't come crawling back when you can't find nice guys like me"

    7. The same woman is to blame, again, for not sending a bra pic instead of "full tit":

    The man from the previous messages gets upset that the woman shared his texts online; when the woman says they're not dating, the man tells her she's unladylike
    The man asks for a picture again, this time saying she can keep a bra on; she corrects his special again, and he goes on another rant about how mean she is to him and how he's going to have to go to the ER with blue balls

    8. Women are to blame for wearing T-shirts:

    A social media posts that says women who wear T-shirts over their workout clothes are to blame for sexism

    9. This woman is to blame for being in a happy marriage:

    A man texts a woman that her husband is currently kissing another woman, the woman responds that she's sitting next to her husband, and the man responds that he's trying to protect her
    The man implies that because the woman's husband is a bodybuilder, he must be abusing her; she says that's not true, and the man says he was trying to be a good guy

    10. This woman is to blame for not checking her phone fast enough:

    A long rant from a man saying he's been wanting to match this woman on a dating app for months and complaining that she didn't message him now that they had
    The man's rant continues, as he shares things he likes that the woman's profile says she likes too, and the woman points out it hasn't been that long since they matched
    The man admits he was impatient and overzealous, the woman says his aggression is not appreciated and says it seems he feels entitled to her attention

    11. This woman is to blame for literally having other friends:

    A woman says she can't go out one night because she'll be hanging out with her friends, then the man gets angry and asks why she isn't making him a priority

    12. This woman is to blame for wearing makeup:

    A man asking on Reddit if he's the asshole for requesting that his girlfriend stop wearing makeup to work because it will give her male coworkers the wrong idea

    13. This woman is to blame for starting a new job:

    A man texts and then gets angry when the woman has not responded within 30 minutes, the woman asks him to stop, and he calls her a "control freak cunt"

    14. This woman is to blame for traffic:

    A man asks to meet somewhere for drinks, the woman responds that she's too busy to work out details at the moment, and he says "I can see this is going to be one-sided"
    The man accuses the woman of not being willing to compromise, she says that's not true, she was just busy and he flew off the handle at her
    The man responds with several texts in a row complaining about the woman's behavior and says maybe she'll understand when she's his age (he is 47, she is 39)

    15. This woman is to blame for talking about her period:

    A man tells a woman she shouldn't post about her period and calls it unnatural, then says it's not even a real thing, just something women make up to complain

    16. This woman is to blame for being in a happy relationship and sharing it on social media:

    A man tells a woman that her Instagram posts with her boyfriend upset her because she should be with him instead, then says her boyfriend will probably impregnate her

    17. This woman is to blame for asking for her stolen bracelet back:

    A woman asks for her bracelet back, the man says he wanted to keep it to feel her touch, she asks for it back again, and he says he'll give it back but he's "tired of being the perfect gentleman just for you bitches to step on my feelings"

    18. And finally, this woman is to blame for following capitalization rules:

    A man asks a woman on a date while using all lowercase letters, she says yes and gives a time while using proper capitalization, and he asks her why she capitalized letters and says it's weird

    Have you ever been blamed for doing something completely normal? Let us know in the comments.