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    14 People Who Are So Lost In Hustle Culture They Have To Relate Every Aspect Of Their Lives To The Grind

    Maybe let's not compare managing people at work to managing your wife and kids. It's not the same.

    1. This person who bragged about working during her Valentine's Day date:

    "this is the second year i've been married and the second year my husband has taken a similar photo of me working during our valentines day dinner"

    2. This person who, after his wife died, couldn't even take a 24-hour break from posting about work:

    "my wife passed away in her sleep last night. it was unexpected. evan as much passion as i have for cybersecurity nothing compared to the love i held for my wife she was the one that suggested i go down the cybersecurity path"

    3. This person who turned his enjoyment of porn into a somehow-work-related lesson:

    poster saying that he enjoys porn and he's bringing it up because no topic is off limits and it's important to be aware of indulgences in life so that they can be enjoyed in moderation

    4. This entrepreneur who bragged about taking hours to finish their breakfast:

    person bragging saying they've taken 3 hours to eat their breakfast and they're lucky if they get to eat or pee being an entrepreneur

    5. This person who really felt the need to share the death of his grandmother on a social media site intended for professional networking (along with a selfie because, of course):

    "we buried my grandmother yesterday, i'm not posting today for attention or engagement i just needed to say it out loud"

    6. This person who went to the gym at an ungodly hour, bragged about it, and then made it into a teachable moment:

    no one at the gym and person says, just because other aren't here doen't mean i'm doing something wrong i'm just doing something different

    7. This person who had the right idea, but probably should have picked a different "overcoming obstacles" anecdote to post on LinkedIn:

    someone admitting they can't pee in public places and using it as a message to face your fears to have long term achievement

    8. This person who really should've left that first part out:

    dad talking about his sons achievements but first mentions that his first child died by suicide

    9. This person who gave us a little too much detail in order to get her point across:

    woman saying she's finally enjoying sex and tells her history
    person continuing to tell people about their sex with their husband and using it as a way to talk about vulnerability and trusting yourself

    10. This person who sounded like he mistook his anxiety for work excitement:

    someone saying they couldn't sleep and thinks it's because they're so excited to build improve and learn for work

    11. This person who also shared a pee-related story for some reason:

    someone sharing that they didn't have money to pee in europe or in india

    12. This person who went to work the day after surgery and had to make a post about it, of course:

    person saying they got mixed reviews from their peers about returning to work after surgery and insisting that it's great

    13. This person who compared their marriage to work, which, I'm sure, is something every spouse wants to hear:

    'marriage and teamwork, lessons in task management and trust"

    14. And finally, this person who somehow turned an absolute tragedy into a lesson in leadership:

    person oversharing about their family's death and using it to say it's a way for them to now connect to people
    person continues to share a message of leadership

    H/T: r/LinkedInLunatics