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    16 People Who Couldn’t Care Less About Other People If They Tried

    "They gave my client a life sentence, but I looked spectacular 🤩."

    1. This driver who took up FOUR parking spots:

    Small truck straddling four parking spaces

    2. This person who expected everyone to be the same religion they are:

    Post yelling at someone for posting a picture of ice cream when it's Ash Wednesday and lots of Catholics are fasting

    3. This bride-to-be who probably went through her entire life making friends only with attractive people in preparation for her wedding day:

    Bride annoyed because her bridesmaids are gorgeous but her fiancé's best man is short and homely and will look ridiculous walking with one of them, and she's canceling the wedding because the fiancé won't switch him out

    4. This person who had a full DJ setup on a public beach:

    A DJ with speakers on a sandy beach

    5. This person whose appearance was more important than another person's life:

    Person with face pixelated out standing in a courtroom and posing

    6. This person who gave a 1-star review after a server had a seizure:

    In response to 1-star review saying not to bother ordering takeout 'cause they take forever, the restaurant posted an apology, saying they offered to finish the order when the customer arrived and saw the ambulance, but the customer declined

    7. This woman who had the most ridiculous and unrealistic date expectations:

    Her date will have to provide over $300 for her date prep, including babysitter and toenails, and pay for the date, and no, she's not sleeping with them, and second date will depend on how well the date tips the server

    8. This person who really thought they were better than "most people" for what we can only assume is running an MLM:

    Person sitting at a bench table at 9.23 am at a café with caption saying they're a "multi 6/7 fig/month earner ceo of a global brand" and doing things in one day that most people can't comprehend doing in their lifetimes

    9. This person who wasted all the chocolate ice cream for a perfect "swirl":

    A bowl of chocolate swirl

    10. This person who thought complete strangers were copying her:

    Person asks someone why they gave their daughter Kay as a middle name, since it's their kid's middle name too; when the person says it's their mom's middle name, the poster says no one used that middle name until they did

    11. This person who asked a stranger to stop using a hashtag because she wanted it only for herself:

    Person asking someone to stop using a hashtag for their cat photos because they've been using it for years for their kids and don't want to see the other person's cat photos

    12. This person who acted like their baby was the Second Coming:

    List of rules for visiting include giving a week's notice, no pictures, must bring an approved gift card and a gift at first visit and then food/groceries at next visits and perform a chore

    13. This person who really thought someone doing normal, everyday things was stalking her:

    Person freaking out because the person lives practically next door and sometimes they walk home around the same time and "he is literally just following" them

    14. This daughter who posted this picture from her dad's funeral to social media:

    Woman posing in a strapless minidress and high heels in front of an open casket with the text "RIP Papi you were my best friend, a life well lived"

    15. This person who thought her family was in danger because someone may or may not have copied the way her house looks:

    "Influencer" is freaked out that a house shown to them directly copies their own, because inspiration is one thing, but "directly copying" is another

    16. And finally, this student who asked for an extended deadline on an assignment because Mercury was in retrograde:

    Person texting a TA about getting an extension because Mercury is retrograde and they're finding it very hard to get their work done

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