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19 Entitled Men Who Have THE Most Unrealistic Expectations When It Comes To Women — Like, They Reeeaaally Don't Get It

At this point, even pickup artists are cringing.

1. This guy who expected a date after showing a random woman at a bar how much was in his bank account:

Dude at the bar showing off his Wells Fargo bank account

2. This guy who expected a relationship with a woman after he comforted her — also known as...just being a bare-minimum friend:

Guy in the friend zone complains that he has to listen to a woman complain about the men she sleeps with and put up with her mood swings

3. This guy who thought his friend was entitled to women just because of how he looks and how much money he makes:

Women today "are broken" because a guy who makes $300K and is in shape keeps getting ghosted

4. This "nice and stable" guy who thought he deserved a date after catfishing 200 women to try to prove his misogynistic point:

He complains about not getting a date in college, changes his social media pictures to a "chad," waits a day, then changes the pictures back to himself, but no one wanted to talk to him, so these women are going to waste their "birth years" with Chad

5. This guy who thought he deserved constant communication with his dating app match simply because they matched...a few hours prior:

He demands that she respond to his texts even though she's at a party and they just matched a few hours ago

6. This nice guy who expected a girlfriend even though he seems to hate all women:

Complains that all the women on campus are stuck up and shallow and only like assholes, even though he'll open car doors for them and kiss their hands

7. This guy who expected to find a match because he said he doesn't care about looks or sex in his profile...but then had this as his opening line:

Opening line is "Love what you did with the tits" and then doesn't understand why the woman is offended and asks why is she on Tinder if she doesn't want comments like that

8. This guy who mistook a woman just being a normal human being as romantic interest and felt entitled to a relationship with her:

He's devastated that his crush who led him on by talking to him in class is in a relationship

9. This guy who expected a match even after calling women "females":

He can do equal or he can do chivalry but not both, and is just looking for an "adult human female" who takes responsibility for her actions

10. This nice guy who expected immediate replies to his texts and then told the woman he was texting he was just trying to teach her a lesson:

He's just asking for common decency and scolding her for not at least responding with "hi" when she's at work, since he knows she "doesn't have a boyfriend or anything to attend to"

11. This guy who expected a stranger on the internet to want to date him just because he (sort of?) complimented her:

He notes that he's looking at her smile rather than her privates and wonders why beautiful women like her don't want a nice guy, and when she doesn't jump on it, he says she's totally disregarding his feelings even though he's trying to be a good person

12. This guy who expected to get dates based on some super-shallow reasons:

He wonders why "you girls" are so repulsed by him, when he has $300 sunglasses, has a nice car, dresses nice and is sophisticated, "magnificent"

13. This guy who felt entitled to a date after putting down other women:

He's into her 'cause she's not a bimbo and she's hot, then says she can play a bimbo, and if she wants it really rough, she can "act like a braindead bitch"
He goes on to say that he won't accept anything less than "I'm daddy and you're my princess; it has to be established that you know I'm the shit"

14. This guy who thought he deserved a date because he gave this woman her "bong piece back":

He wants to take her to lunch when he's in town after five years

15. This guy who thought he deserved a woman because of his persistence...and expert gaslighting skills:

He says she's being presumptuous about thinking he's asking her out, then he keeps asking her intrusive, persistent questions after she says she's not looking to date
He continues to be pushy and says he guesses he'll have to try again later after she's had some sleep, then goes on to say stuff like "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Easter"
An endless text exchange in which he asks her to take the time to understand him, even after she says he's harassing her

16. This guy who thought he deserved this woman's attention after telling her he's going to court:

He seems to think she should talk to him because it's his first time in court tomorrow and he didn't do anything wrong
When she doesn't want to continue the conversation on Facebook, he says "Ur mid 4/10 and overweight anyway"

17. This guy who thought buying someone drinks meant they owe you sex:

He sent her a request for $20: "I bought you drinks and we didn't hook up"

18. This classical music enthusiast who expected a DM from this woman after insulting her taste in music:

He can't believe "a lady as beautiful, intelligent and charming" as she is would listen to "talentless, computerized sounds created by large corporations," and offers to show her more classical, enchanting tunes, and she says "Please go away"

19. And finally, this EXTREMELY entitled guy who thought he deserved sex for a vast array of reasons. It's just too bad "having respect for women" wasn't on his list:

A 21-year-old virgin who's never been kissed "deserves to fuck the females" he wants more than any other guy because he's a good person, not a racist, a sexy, or a bully, but "these worthless fucking thots are getting run through" by "fuckboy assholes"

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