Don't Film For More Than 10 Seconds, Practice Basic Hygiene, And 19 Other Dos And Don'ts Of Attending Concerts In 2023

    "Just because you paid for tickets doesn't give you the right to make the entire concert about you."

    After years of postponements, cancellations, and refunds, concerts are back, baby! And in a big way. Taylor Swift is just about halfway done with her Eras Tour, and Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour is just getting started.

    Beyoncé onstage

    But it seems that since the pandemic deprived us of live shows for so long, now that we have access again, some of us kinda forgot how to act. Artists' boundaries are being exceedingly crossed, and audience members are doing more inconsiderate — and very questionable — things than ever before, falling more into the "internet troll" category than "music fan."

    A crowd at a concert

    So, since some people may need a refresher on how to respect the artists they've paid money to see while also not being an asshole to their fellow concert-goers, I asked the BuzzFeed staff to share their best dos and don'ts when it comes to attending a concert. Here's what they had to say:

    1. "Have your ticket ready and loaded on your phone welllll before you get to the front of the line. Like, we all know we need it to get in, so you should not be downloading the ticketing app when you're at the venue, trying to remember your password and holding up the line."


    2. "If you're in a venue where there isn't much personal space, you HAVE to practice basic hygiene. You can't be smelling up the pit because you decided to camp out and not shower for three days. It's just rude to everyone else."


    3. "Please leave your giant iPad at home. Nothing is worse than having someone stand in front of you with their iPad above their head recording the entire concert!"


    Someone in a crowd holding up an iPad

    4. "If you're tall, try your best to stand behind other tall people and be aware of those who don't have a good eye line. You don't have to stand in the back, but just be aware of your space and offer to let people in front of you if you're blocking their view."


    5. "Go to the bathroom before you stand in the front because once the show starts, you might not be able to push your way out to go to the bathroom. (Especially keep in mind if you've been guzzling beer.)"


    6. "Clap and cheer for the openers. Don't be a dick."


    Concert-goers on their phones

    7. "Please remember to blow your vape UP and not OUT into the crowd."


    8. "This should go without saying, but don’t throw things at the stage or try other antics to get the artist’s attention/make them acknowledge your existence. It’s rude as hell to interrupt their set, and we’re here to have a collective experience. This isn’t about you!!! I’m all for dancing and singing along and even a little screaming, but once you cross over into that territory, it’s a no-go for me."


    9. "Do not lift anyone onto your shoulders. It's rude to the many people behind you."


    A crowd at a concert

    10. "Leave your view-blocking hats at home. Concerts are a great excuse to expand your fashion horizons, but if a Doug Dimmadome-style 10-gallon cowboy hat is part of your outfit, consider a different look. Unless you’re sitting in the absolute last row, your hat could potentially ruin a fellow concert-goer’s entire night."


    11. "Don't wear heels in standing room only. Or if you do, stand to the side or at the back of the floor."


    12. "Latecomers pushing their way to the front is plain obnoxious. Either show up early to stand and wait or enjoy the concert at the back. Don't push me over and squish people together because you suddenly decided that you want to be front row 10 minutes into the set."


    People at a concert

    13. "Don't get blackout. Just don't! I've had to be around so many sloppy people in GA at shows, and it's never a good time. It often turns into fights, too."


    14. "DO NOT use flash for pics or videos. It's rude to fellow concert-goers and artists. I've even seen artists call fans out for it."


    15. "Just because you paid for tickets doesn't give you the right to make the entire concert about you. Other concert-goers paid to see their favorite artists; don't ruin their experiences by trying to have your 'main character' moment or by trying to get the artist to 'notice' you."


    A young woman in a crowd at a concert

    16. "If you and your friends bought GA/standing room only tickets and y'all get separated, do not push in front of people to get to them. Either get there on time so you can all stand together or get comfortable further back. There's nothing more annoying than being in a tight spot already and having someone try to squeeze in front of you like, 'My friends are up there!' So now, not only can I not see, I'm even more uncomfortable."


    17. "Try your best not to spill your drink on other people."


    18. "This should go without saying, but if you're at a concert or music festival with Porta Potties, don't cut in line! Wait your turn like everyone else. And for the love of god, wash your hands afterward. Pro tip: Bring your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer in your bag because they always run out."


    People waiting to use the bathroom at a concert

    19. "If you're at a show that has a mosh pit, look out for your fellow concert-goers. If someone falls, help them up."


    20. "Don't film anything for more than 10 seconds, and if at all possible, don't hold your phone above your head. You're blocking people's view, and the videos are NEVER as good as being there IRL. Once, a guy filmed a whole 10-minute-long Nine Inch Nails song in front of me at a music festival. I cursed his whole family line."


    "You will NEVER go back and watch those videos. You just won't. And nobody wants to see that on your Insta story, SORRY."


    People at a concert with their phones out

    21. And finally, "If you are going to a classical music concert, you aren't supposed to clap after each movement of a piece. You are supposed to wait until the end of the whole piece (often three to four movements) to applaud. On the other hand, attendance of classical music concerts has been declining precipitously for many years, so if you attend one, feel free to applaud enthusiastically whenever you want. You could even orgasm."


    Do you have any rules that you always follow at concerts? Or how about any that you wish other people would follow? Let me know in the comments!

    And a huge thank you to the BuzzFeed staff for their contributions!