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    13 Times "What Not To Wear" Showed Us Some Truly Heinous Outfits

    If you're not wearing pointy heels and a wrap dress to drop the kids off at school, you're doing it wrong.

    Remember What Not to Wear? You know, the show where an unwitting participant was nominated by a friend or family member, secretly filmed, had every facet of their style (and sometimes their lives) torn apart by hosts Stacy and Clinton, and then was forced to throw out every piece of clothing they owned.

    Still not ringing any bells? It also unforgettably showed Stacy sniffing a high heel in the opening credits.

    Well, this show was everything to me and convinced me that I, a child, needed to be wearing pencil skirts and structured blazers. But that was almost 20 years ago, so do the outfits that Stacy and Clinton suggested to the participants still hold up?

    Not exactly. Here are 13 outfits from What Not to Wear that, to me, are particularly heinous:

    1. This big-ass blue bubble look:

    An outfit featuring a top with a large orb that looks like a giant bubble

    If you disagree with me, just look at how Gina was dressing beforehand:

    2. This '00s screensaver look:

    An outfit featuring heavily starched jeans and a shirt with random lines in different directions

    3. This "parts of a tree" shift dress:

    An outfit featuring a top that has sleeves covered in small flowers and leaves

    4. This mold dress:

    An outfit featuring a dress with green sequins

    5. This loOoOong cardigan:

    This outfit features a cardigan that goes beyond the waist, with a large belt on top of the cardigan

    6. This "let's take away your entire personality" jeans and pocket square combo:

    A man wearing an outfit that has baggy jeans, a button-up shirt, blazer, and a pocket square that doesn't match any other part of the outfit

    Look at him pre-What Not to Wear:

    This outfit includes bright orange pants and a striped shirt that shimmers

    7. This bloody scab top:

    This outfit includes a top with a design and color that makes it look like it's bleeding

    Like, oozing sores on loose skin.

    8. This "I'll take one of everything at New York & Company" outfit:

    The outfit includes a top with a chevron pattern with several clashing colors

    9. THESE:

    Shoes with a small elevated heel and long front that extends to a point, making the front look like a triangle

    This is the outfit they belonged to:

    The rest of the outfit includes a jacket over a Motley Crue band T-shirt

    10. This "I can't be bothered to keep rolling up my sleeves, so I'll force them up with a button" top:

    This outfit includes a button-up shirt that has the sleeves pulled up above the elbow and has buttons on the forearm of the sleeves to hold them in place

    11. This cheetah-print statement stole:

    The leopard print stole is thrown over the shoulder of the rest of the outfit, which doesn't match the aesthetic at all

    12. This "looks like the outside of a Panera Bread" striped button-down:

    The button-up shirt includes vertical stripes in five different colors, making it look very busy

    13. And finally, Clinton's mold spore button-up:

    Clinton is wearing a button-up shirt that features small circles that look cells seen under a microscope

    What do you think of these outfits? Would you wear any of them? Let me know in the comments below!