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    • mollies4

      a large number of those “sins” were written as health code, what’s the best way to getagroup of ignorant people not to do something? “god said don’t do it.” shellfish for instance would give hepatitis c, pork would give you tapeworm and trichinosis, and sleeping with another man considering that there wasn’talot of bathing going on if you came home and slept with your wife there isagood chance of giving her peritonitis which could go septic and kill her and thus end the bloodline. Marriages back then weren’t one man and one woman it was usually one man and multiple women and in many parts of the world plural marriage is stillanormal thing. As is slavery. The bible pontificates on slavery rather vehemently about howaslave should obey their master. We have decided that owning another human being is wrong, we also don’t make animal sacrifices or human sacrifices. Also premarital sex huge no no yet we haven’t any laws against it any more, cohabitation without marriage also frowned upon. If you are going to keep “gods” law, which considering the new testament was written out several hundred years after the apostles deaths is more mans law than gods, then keep all of the laws, don’t cherry pick the ones you want to fit your own bigotry and homophobia. For some of us the idea of being with the opposite sex is just as repulsive as the idea of being with the same sex is to you. If you think we should just shut up and try itIwould suggest that you do the same, force yourself to be with the opposite of what you are attracted to and see how you feel about it afterwards. That’s what straight people have told gay people to do for centuries.

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