26 Signs That "Supernatural" Has Taken Over Your Life

You know you love it, but these are the signs that this has gone beyond an obsession. But hey, we never said that was a bad thing!

1. You know which season an episode is from just from the opener

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2. You’ve accepted that demons are real and that they want to possess you

But it’s cool, because you know how to handle them.

3. You’re careful around Mexican food

4. You know that J2 are the dorkiest dorks to ever dork

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But you love them with everything you’ve got

5. And that it gets even worse when you add a Misha

Who you also love more than anything

6. You love the gag reels as much as you love the actual show

Because, seriously, is everyone on the cast 5 years old?

7. You wish Bobby Singer was your father

Because he isn’t even their real father and he’s still the best parent on TV

8. When Dean cries, you cry

Because you can’t handle “chick flick moments”

9. At some point, this was your Tuesday alarm clock

10. You think that Sam and Dean are the cutest

Even though they’re basically serial killers

11. “The French Mistake” made you die laughing

Because seriously, what was this episode?

12. Except when it didn’t

Because SERIOUSLY, what was this episode?

13. The sentence “I love Death!” isn’t even weird to you anymore

Because everything about him is great

14. Same goes for “I love Lucifer!”

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Because we love him even though he’s a great big bag of dicks

15. You still make Dick jokes

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All the time. This entire season was just a bunch of Dick jokes.

16. You’ve said this at least once

17. You quote the show all the time

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No matter what. And you know how weird the quotes get.

18. You’re not at all weirded out by the fandom anymore

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You just know that we do things like this

19. You want a black four door 1967 Chevy Impala

But you know it won’t be the same because it won’t have the army man in the ashtray or the legos in the vents

20. Pie is serious business

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And a part of you knows that Dean’s love of pie with always be the only pairing that the fandom can agree on

21. “Changing Channels” is one of the best/worst things that ever happened to you

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Was this episode even real?

22. Garth


23. This gif really speaks to you

A lot.

24. You haven’t forgotten Adam

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But you’re pretty sure that the writers have

25. This episode made you cry

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

Like…a lot.

26. You know that family don’t end with blood

tumblr.com / Via Tumblr

And that that doesn’t just include Bobby

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