13 Bunnies Who Are Plotting Your Destruction

According to a new theory, the Neanderthals’ inability to successfully hunt rabbits may have led to their extinction. Take one look at these hoppy devils and you’ll see Bugs isn’t the only crafty bunny out there.

1. 1. This hipster bunny is planning something diabolically ironic.

2. 2. These mean girl bunnies are plotting your financial ruin.

“Get in, loser. We’re going shopping.”

3. 3. This bunny has learned to fly! No good can come of this.

4. 4. These bunnies have hired some muscle to make sure you comply with their demands.

5. 5. This bunny is going to track snow all over your freshly cleaned floors.

6. 6. Unless they are about to break out into song, this bunny formation spells trouble.

“When you’re a bunny / You’re a bunny all the way / From your first cigarette / To your last dyin’ day.”

7. 7. This bunny knows that if she can master the internet, she will be unstoppable.

8. 8. This bunny is going to stare disapprovingly at you until he ruins your day.

9. 9. This ninja bunny is going to ninja you into submission.

10. 10. This bunny is setting up a clever decoy to trap you.

11. 11. This giant bunny…actually just wants to be your friend.

12. 12. These gossipy bunnies are trying to ruin your reputation.

13. 13. And finally, death by cute. The deadliest trick in the bunny arsenal.

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