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22 Things You'll Do Your First Semester Of College And Never Again

It was cool...for a couple weeks.

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1. Cover yourself from head to toe in school swag.

2. Have a sweet guitar-and-bongo jam sesh.

3. Ultimate frisbee

4. Sit with random people in the dining hall in the hopes of making new friends.

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5. Buy every single textbook on the syllabus and go bankrupt...

6. ...and then actually do all the assigned reading.

7. Feel awesome when you drink this.

8. Immediately Facebook friend every single person you meet.

9. Write cheery messages on dry erase boards.

10. Blast music in the hopes that someone in the dorm will hear it and stop by to hang.

11. A cappella

12. Ice Cream Socials

13. Stay up all night to have super serious intellectual debates.

14. Get a little too excited about your school's sports teams.

15. Become best buds with your RA.

16. Attempt to throw a party in your tiny dorm room.

17. Go sightseeing around your campus.

18. Constantly exaggerate how drunk you got.

19. Audition for every single play or musical on campus.

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20. Offer to drive everyone in your dorm around (if you're one of the lucky few with a car).

21. Stay up all night just to "hang."

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22. Attempt to totally reinvent yourself.

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