24 Things Most People Pretend To Understand But Don’t

“I mean, I know the gist of it…”

1. Modern Art

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

“This piece really captures the essence of…sharks.”

2. Bitcoins


“These two things are basically the same, right?”

3. New Yorker Cartoons

William Hamilton / Via condenaststore.com

“Uh…it’s funny because they’re rich?”

4. The Actual Meaning of the Word “Irony”

“I’m just gonna keep using it as a synonym for ‘funny.’”

5. Fine Wines

“Ah, yes, I believe I’m getting an oaky hint of…alcohol.”

6. Fantasy Sports

“You mean that thing where you control these little imaginary players and use them to fight against your friends every week? Yes, I’ve heard of it.”

7. Artsy Movies

“It’s like, um…a metaphor…for our modern society…”

8. Investing

“Let’s see, I need some stocks, some bonds, a 401(k), and…a pool of gold coins?”

9. Buddhism

“It’s basically a religion based on chillaxing.”

10. Obamacare

“Yay! We all get free health care now…maybe?”

11. Trendy New Music Genres

“Nu gaze? Yeah, totally! Witch house? Sure, awesome! Seapunk? OK…that one sounds made-up.”

12. Computer Viruses

“Pretty sure I got this virus because of a chain mail I didn’t forward to 10 of my friends.”

13. Super PACs

“It’s an organization, right? Or a person? Or…a law?”

14. How Cars Work

Universal / Via instructables.com

“The carburetor is connected to the accelerator, which is connected to the…flux capacitor?”

15. Doing Taxes

“I’ll let TurboTax worry about it.”

16. Beer

“If I keep talking about hops and barley maybe no one will realize how drunk I am.”

17. Fracking

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

“I’m not sure what it is, but I know it sucks.”

18. Monsanto

“Pretty sure this also sucks.”

19. BioShock Infinite

“It’s like Super Mario Bros. but…bigger.”

20. Sigmund Freud

“You are feeling all these feelings because sex.”

21. Higgs Boson

“I’ll just nod and say ‘I mean, it’s the God particle…’ over and over and over.”

22. CrossFit

“Oh, that’s that cult where everyone jumps around and throws medicine balls at each other, right?”

23. The Economy

“The economy would be fine if those clowns in Washington would just make some more jobs and we balanced our supply and demand and…freakonomics…”

24. How the Internet Works

“To be fair, I don’t know if my answer would’ve been any better.”

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