These Players Belong In Cyber-Cooperstown

The Baseball Video Game Hall of Fame

1. Roger Clemens - RBI Baseball (1987)

Also known as “Clemns,” his fastball was simply unhittable, and his body’s shape was immaculately captured by the game’s 8-bit graphics.

2. Rocky - Bad News Baseball (1990)

Anchoring the Los Angeles lineup, Rocky led the league in home runs while also showcasing a cannon of an arm in left field.

3. Paste - Bases Loaded (1988)

Devastating bat speed, light-tower power, and the cleanup hitter for team Jersey, the one they call “Paste” is a cult figure in baseball gaming circles.

4. Osborne* - Base Wars (1991)

Arguably the greatest New York shortstop to ever play the game, the cyborg Osborne gets an asterisk next to his name due to his use of performance-enhancers—his laser sword.

5. Bowser - Mario Superstar Basball (2005)

A staple of the modern era, Bowser flashed utter dominance both at the plate and on the mound. It helps when you’re large enough to take up the entire batter’s box.

6. Al Michaels - Play-by-Play Announcer for the Hardball! Series

The first announcer to call a video game, Al Michaels lent his voice to the Hardball! series, where his choppy, slurred speech patterns simultaneously comforted and enraged players.

7. Dmitri Petrovich - Backyard Baseball (2000)

Baseball nerds everywhere embraced the Russian sensation, and it’s not hard to see why.

8. Rabbit Umpires - Bad News Baseball (1990)

They broke…some kind of barrier.

9. Henter - Bases Loaded (1988)

Pitching for Miami, Henter’s sterling 1.85 ERA is still discussed in hushed tones among baseball statisticians.

10. Unnamed Squiggly Guy - RealSports Baseball (1983)

We laugh now, but this brave, featureless player of the pre-modern era paved the way for baseball gaming.

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