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The 22 Grossest Feelings Of The Summer

Ew, ew, ew, ew...

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1. Sunburn.

2. Sandal blisters.

3. Stepping outside after spending all day in air conditioning.

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4. Sticky ice cream hands.

5. Being constantly covered by a swarm of bugs.

6. This.

7. Warm beer.

8. Trying to sit in a black leather chair.

9. Mosquito bites.

10. Finding sand in your clothing long after you leave the beach.

11. Chlorine burning your eyeballs.

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12. Back sweat.

13. Underarm sweat.

14. Head sweat.

15. Butt sweat.

16. Crotch sweat.

17. That wonderful mix of sunscreen and sweat, all over your body.

18. White-hot steaming bird poop on your face.

19. That scaly thing that just brushed past your legs in the water.

20. That feeling of being grilled while you grill.

21. Making your way through sweaty, disgusting crowds.

22. Poison ivy rashes.

Fortunately, with a couple of these, all that ickiness just melts away...

...and you can enjoy summer in all its glory.

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