25 People Who Take Safety Way Too Seriously

Because it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

1. This dad teaching his kid how to drive.

2. This airport that isn’t taking any chances with your tchotchkes.

3. This moped rider who has ZERO blind spots.

4. This party animal who cares deeply for his loved ones.

5. This person who always makes sure there’s an emergency banana on the premises.

6. This gamer who isn’t taking any chances.

7. This man who made sure his knees wouldn’t get hurt while playing the keyboard.

8. The person who created this traffic barrel monster.

9. This guy who’s not going to get hurt trying the latest fad.

10. This man who will never let anything happen to his dreads.

11. This office manager who hasn’t allowed a raptor attack since the Jurassic period.

12. This car manufacturer who’s concerned for women’s well-being.

13. This NASCAR stadium architect who put fan safety first.

14. This girl who wasn’t going to get hurt dancing at prom.

15. This person who spared no expense in protecting their home.

16. This beachgoer who will never drown.

17. These Q-tips that are so overprotective they don’t even want you to use them.

18. This person who exercises caution when shipping the undead.

19. This guy who refuses to fall off his moped.

20. These girls who practice the safest sex.

21. This train that isn’t afraid to get up in your face about safety.

22. This teacher who protects students by speaking their language.

23. This person who wanted to let you know that the Earth gets slippery when wet.

24. This cat who works as a crossing guard EVEN THOUGH NO ONE ASKED HIM TO.

25. And this engineering genius who’s worried about the Earth splitting open.

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