9 People Who Had A Brutal 2013 Lead The Daily Links

Plus 7 things that look like Lady Gaga’s new dreadlocks, a review of Ron Burgundy’s official scotch, and 16 hilarious celebrities who need to get on Twitter.

2014 can’t come soon enough, at least not for these 9 people who had a particularly brutal 2013. - [USA Today]

If Lady Gaga’s new dreads seem familiar, it may be because they look eerily similar to these 7 things. - [The Cut]

Well, here’s one way to potty train the kids: Meet the “iPotty.” - [BetaBeat]

You either like something or you don’t, and there’s nothing wrong with that, so let’s get rid of the annoying “guilty pleasure” label. - [The New Yorker]

So, what do $1,000 headphones sound like? For that price, the answer better be pretty dang good. - [Popular Mechanics]

Sure, famous people have a right to their privacy, but these 16 hilarious celebrities need to get on Twitter now. - [Crushable]

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