13 Of The Best Literary Quotes About Beer Lead The Daily Links

Plus 13 of the best literary quotes about beer, the weirdest ways World Series games have ended, and cute animals who are actually huge jerks.

AMC / Via uproxx.com

Ever wonder what the final scene of Breaking Bad looks like on paper? Check out the last two pages of the script here. - [Uproxx]

Getty / Isaac Brekken

Captain Phillips, take notes: Blasting Britney Spears is proving to be the best defense against sea pirates. - [Death and Taxes]

Mila Supinskaya / Shutterstock

Pennsylvania is getting tough on crime: That’s right, rubbing pregnant women’s bellies is now illegal. - [Gothamist]

Think you’re not afraid of spiders? What if you learned that some of them CAN EAT ENTIRE BATS?! - [mental_floss]

Rob Carr / Getty

From obstruction to pick-offs, this year’s World Series has had its share of wacky final outs. Then again, the Fall Classic has a rich history of bizarre finishes. - [Sports Illustrated]

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