9 Disney Princesses Dressed As Superheroines Lead The Daily Links

Plus celebrities covered in blood, 9 flavors of Haribo gummy bears that you can’t get in America, and the 5 most epic love triangles throughout history.

Isaiah Stephens

What if your favorite Disney princesses dressed up as your favorite superheroines? One artist dared to dream, and it is indeed magical. - [POPSUGAR]


Love has always been cruel, as shown by these 5 epic love triangles throughout history. - [YourTango]

Americans, you can only find these gems on the candy black market. Check out the 9 best Haribo gummies you can’t get in the U.S. - [Thrillist]


School just got a little more interesting: Teachers are now using facial recognition to detect when students are spacing out. - [Fast Company]

Finally, your two favorite things in one: These are the 9 best boozy snacks from around the country. - [The Week]

Wikipedia Commons

What happens when a bunch of scientists get bored? They put thousands of jellyfish in space, that’s what. - [The Atlantic]

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