A Man Crushed To Death By His Own Marijuana Leads The Daily Links

Plus a burger made with the body and blood of Christ, the question of realism in the new sci-fi film “Gravity,” and a coloring book based on Salt-n-Pepa.

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Here’s a story the D.A.R.E. program should consider using: A man in Brazil was crushed to death by his 1,100 pound weed supply. - [Newser]

Ever needed a burger to absolve you of your sins? Well now there’s a burger in Chicago that’s made with a communion wafer and sacramental wine. - [Boston.com]

When it comes to dating, you are what you drink; these bartenders break down what your drink order says about you on your first date. - [YourTango]

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Want to avoid getting punched in the face next time you’re overseas? Make sure to learn these five innocent gestures that are offensive in foreign countries. - [Cracked]

Warner Bros. / Via theatlantic.com

Sure, the action in “Gravity” will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat, but is it believable? Here’s what the film’s science advisor has to say about the film’s realism. - [The Atlantic]

Think you know a lot about Salt-n-Pepa? Test your knowledge in this amazing coloring and activity book by rapper Bun B and writer Shea Serrano. - [The Hairpin]

Behind all those muscles, professional wrestlers are real people, too; take this quiz to see how many wrestlers you can identify by their given names. - [Mental Floss]

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