10 Reasons ‘The Lego Movie” Was A Massive Success Lead The Daily Links

Plus the 10 most sinister fictional politicians, 4 weird ways to conquer your food cravings, and how to get Justin Bieber to follow you on Twitter.

It’s always more fun when the evil politicians are fictional: Here are the 10 most sinister, Machiavellian masterminds from film and TV. - [Refinery29]

Want to know the secret to getting ripped like Chris Pratt? Follow this simple (and hilarious) guide. - [College Humor]

If you don’t mind sparing a good amount of dignity, here’s how you can get Justin Bieber to follow you on Twitter. - [The Atlantic]

While the movie Pompeii didn’t blow up at the box office, a real-life catastrophic volcano eruption could be coming soon. - [Discover]

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