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    The 22 Worst Tattoos In NBA History Lead The Daily Links

    Plus the SNL cast tearfully says goodbye to Seth Meyers, 8 of the most random secret video game characters ever, and a Redditor describes going to homecoming with Kate Upton.

    While most NBA stars flaunt some amazing tattoos, these 22 players should've reconsidered going under the needle. - [Popdust]

    Good news for us slobs: Based on the latest Fashion Week trends, it seems like casual will be "in" in 2014. - [DuJour]

    The President is...on fire? Check out these 8 hilarious characters that were randomly added to your favorite video games. - [The A.V. Club]

    While the legendary Colonel Meow is (sniff) no longer with us, his spirit lives on in his adorable brother Merlin the Meowciful. - [Catster]

    The hardest part is saying goodbye: Watch the SNL cast bid adieu to Seth Meyers. - [Vulture]

    The one that got away? Read this random Redditor describing what it was like being Kate Upton's homecoming date. - [BroBible]

    The President's next museum visit will probably be awkward: After dissing art history majors, Obama quickly apologized with a handwritten letter. - [Newser]