8 Audition Tapes Of Famous Actors Lead The Daily Links

Plus who you need to know for Fashion Week, 10 Russian novels you should really read, and the girl who replaced her family’s pictures with Kanye looking angry.

SO HOT RIGHT NOW! With fashion week starting today, here’s a list of all the names and designers you need to know. - [DuJour]

Looking to get revenge on your parents? Follow this girl’s lead and replace all family pictures with Kanye looking angry. - [Death and Taxes]

Using statistics on Patagonias, marijuana use, microbrews, and much much more, here’s the scientific list of the top 10 whitest cities in America. - [BroBible]

While “The Gabby Douglas Story” may have disappointed some viewers, its flaws suggest what a truly great gymnastics movie would look like. - [The New Yorker]

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