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    11 Things You Should Never Say To People With Curly Hair Lead The Daily Links

    Plus the five most awkward dancing moments at the Grammys, 15 healthy recipes for Super Bowl snacks, and "cragels" become Brooklyn's latest food craze.

    Unless you want to get punched, avoid saying these 11 things to people with curly hair. - [Gurl]

    It's a scientific fact that watching football causes you to gain thousands of pounds. Well, not really, but try these 15 healthy Super Bowl snack recipes anyway! - [Greatist]

    Maybe next year they'll hire a choreographer: Check out the 5 most awkward dance moments from last night's Grammy's. - [Fuse]

    The buildup to the Super Bowl is a *tad* drawn-out, hence some of these incredibly dumb press conference questions. - [mental_floss]

    Wonder what Game of Thrones fans do while waiting for a new season? They make amazing fan art like these Japanese woodprints. - [Uproxx]

    If you think going to the gym is rough, check out these muddy pictures from England's "Tough Guy" Competition. - [The Atlantic]

    Breakfast will never be the same: New York, meet your newest craze, BACON CRAGELS. - [Gothamist]

    Even if you don't like football, you gotta love those halftime shows. Here are the all-time greatest Super Bowl performances ever. - [Ranker]

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