8 Incredible Snowmen You Wish Were In Your Yard Lead The Daily Links

Plus the quiz of things that make Leonardo DiCaprio upset, a brutally honest quiz of American dialects, and the first American Girl doll to have disabilities.

These people are legit artists whose works belong in a museum: Check out these 8 awesome snowmen you wish were in your front yard. - [mental_floss]

Americans may have some funny ways of talking, but this tongue-in-cheek dialect quiz is just plain nutty. - [The New Yorker]

Every girl deserves a doll she can relate to, which is why this inspiring ten-year-old is petitioning for the first American Girl doll with a disability. - [USA Today]

Drop the emoticon, fellas: A new study shows that men who use smileys get hit on less online. - [BetaBeat]


If there’s one good lesson everyone learns from Mom, it’s this: Don’t do psychedelic mushrooms or you’ll eat your friends. - [Death and Taxes]


Ever feel like you have a chocolate addiction? That’s because, according to science, chocolate is basically like crack and viagra combined. - [Greatist]

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