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Who Or What Are These Muppets From The Kia Commercial?

If you've seen one of the several Kia Highlander commercials which feature the Muppets, you sorta have an idea what I'm talking about. We can tell Kermit is a frog. Fozzy is a bear. Miss Piggy is, well, a pig. But after that power trio, the lineup gets a bit murky. So who or what are they even trying to be?

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He is easily the most accomplished musician on the show. A obvious example of a brilliantly talented, yet tortured, artist.

What I think he is: A Tasmanian Devil drummer who needs to ease off crunching LSD.

The limited vocabulary, guttural blasts, and approving grunts could be a side effect brought on by years (and years) of drug abuse.

Could also be:

Primitive cave man.

An enormous Koosh Ball.


What I think he is: The nose and buggy eyes suggest mosquito or another rather pesky insect.

Could also be:

Some sort of tropical carnivore who fills in as an understudy for the Blue Man Group.

The name "Gonzo" could imply his last name is Gonzalez and is therefore of Hispanic origin...which really doesn't help us in trying to figure out his genus.


What I think he is: Vaguely resembles a person.

He does spend a lot of time in the lab suffering abuse (Kermit or someone should really read him his worker's comp rights) at the hands of Dr. Honeydew and as the result of an experiment, could have been stuffed into a beaker.


Could also be:

A Popsicle stick.

A Pencil.

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

What I think he is: The Professor's last name is "Honeydew" so I'm going to go out on a limb and put two and two together. This chemistry crazed muppet has got to be nothing more than an anthropomorphic Melon. Yup. Sometimes seeing is believing.

Could also be:

A lime. Or a tennis ball. Oddly enough, the man (or melon) has no eyes but dons glasses.


What I think he is: The experimental lovechild of Dr. Honeydew after taking advantage of the mute Beaker, gone horribly wrong.

Many of these Muppets seem to have a bit of a dark side. Then again, it is Hollywood and showbiz.

Could also be:

Looks to be a pre-teen but hard to point at exactly. He could be one of those creepy people who dresses like a middle schooler in his 30's.

Dr. Teeth

What I think he is: Dr. Teeth resembles a Leprechaun who is clearly not above the influence. The droopy eyelids tell it all. The lead singer of the band that Animal is a part of, is also a victim of the Rock&Roll lifestyle.

Could also be:

Captain of a riverboat casino.

A shady porn director.


What I think he is: The business casual version of Bob Marley (or Lil Jon). No question. He's got the coolest stories about what happened this past weekend.

Could also be:

The facial hair and gaping mouth will have you lean towards a Catfish.


The misunderstood softie. Reminds me of Hodor from Game of Thrones. But what is he? An Ogre? The nephew of Bigfoot? Chewbacca's third cousin twice removed? Whatever he is, it sucks that he's got that resting bitch face.

What I think he is: A giant mop.

Could also be:

Shag carpeting from the break room.

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