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Astrology 101 (NOT Horoscopes)

YES there are only 12 signs, YES they are meant to be vague, and YES Astrology is a pseudoscience. Astrology is the study of planetary positions, and to whatever extent they may affect people's personalities. It is a GUIDE. Not a religion. It is an INTERPRETATION. It should be taken with a grain of salt. Why are we here in this universe? Astrology is a fun and spiritual approach to understanding yourself and the people around you. I am not preaching Astrology, I am simply educating the public, so people don't run their mouths about something they have no knowledge about. And no, I do not believe in Astrology 100%, nor do I care if you do either. Try to learn something new, and accept another perspective of learning personality (screw the Forer effect).

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You are not ONE sign, you are a beautiful combination of EVERY SIGN.

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Quick things:

1. Astrology is (once again) vague. It is supposed to be. The combination of signs (Sun/Moon/etc) can help describe you.

2. Yes there are stereotypes; I use them as a starting point to understanding each sign (eg. Taurus likes money). Do not hate others based on stereotype. There are good and bad personality traits about every single sign.

3. Maybe you are not as different as Channing Tatum as you thought. ;)

4. Astrological compatibility must -also- be taken with a grain of salt. Briefly put: Masculine signsxMasculine signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius), Feminine signsx Feminine signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces). Not always the case :/ Virgo and Pisces usually don't get a long because they are so different.

5. Fun fact: Most of the actors in the NCIS cast have feminine Sun signs (mostly Scorpio). I sometimes find that tv shows/movies with a mostly feminine cast or a mostly masculine cast get along better- their chemistry translates well on stage. In 50 Shades of Grey, it is possible that Jamie Dornan (Taurus) and Dakota Johnson (Libra) did not get along because he is a feminine sign and she is a masculine sign. Just an observation. Correlations are fun (but like in psychology, CORRELATION IS NOT CAUSATION).

5. Please, do not ask me to describe your personality. I learned about myself, by myself, and you can do it too :) Astrology is an interpretation, and the more interpretations you read about, the better.

Step 1: Sun, Moon, Ascendant/Rising

Although the entire chart should be taken into consideration when trying to understand someone's personality, these 3 are the most important when looking at a birth chart.

SUN sign - This is the sign you identify with when someone asks you "what's your sign?" The Sun sign is your ego and personal identity.

MOON sign - How you feel and express emotions

- ASCENDANT/RISING sign (Earth) - How you present yourself to the world (your mask) It may also have to do with appearance.

The lesser known planets that impact your personality include:

MERCURY - How you communicate and think

VENUS - Who/What are you drawn to

MARS How you express your feelings

Jupiter - Planet of luck, encourages self improvement

SATURN - Your boundaries and limitations

URANUS - Your rebellious urge

NEPTUNE - Planet of Illusion, encourages spirituality

PLUTO - Your urge to change, associated with transformation and rebirth

The Midheaven (MC) is at the top of your chart (not a planet); it is your internet persona, how you want to appear to to others, etc. e.g. Aries Midheaven


♈ – Aries- the brave one (1) (2)

♉ – Taurus- the foodie (1) (2)

♊ – Gemini- the witty comedian (1) (2)

♋ – Cancer- the caretaker (1) (2)

♌ – Leo- the drama queen/king (1) (2)

♍ – Virgo- the hardworking perfectionist (1) (2)

♎ – Libra- logical lover (1) (2)

♏ – Scorpio- the intense soul (1) (2)

♐ – Sagittarius- the adventurer (1) (2)

♑ – Capricorn- the leader (1) (2)

♒ – Aquarius- the humanitarian (1) (2)

♓ – Pisces- the spiritual dreamer (1) (2)

Sun and Moon combinations! A person with a Pisces sun and Aquarius moon is much more different than a person with a Pisces sun and a Cancer moon. (hint hint. one is much more emotional) (1) (2)

12 Houses

There are 12 houses in Astrology. Aries rules the first, Taurus rules the second, etc. THE HOUSES DO NOT MOVE, but the SIGNS MOVE (depending on the time/place of birth).

e.g. Kanye West was born June 8, 1977, 8:45 AM In:Atlanta (GA) (United States). 8:45 AM in the Atlanta, Georgia timezone (Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00)) makes his Ascendant in Cancer. Don't worry the computer will do all the work for you.

More about the Houses: (1)(2 (Alyssa Sharpe) NSFW cursing)

e.g. if you have your Moon sign and Mercury sign in your 3rd house, you are very good at communicating (writing, drawing, etc).

If you do not know your time/place of birth (several unfortunate souls like myself) you will have to research your planets in specific houses (guess and check)

Step 2: Birth Chart!


You just need: BIRTHDATE, BIRTH PLACE, BIRTH TIME (If you do not have your birth time/place, you cannot accurately determine your Ascendant/Rising (ASC) and the position of the signs in the houses).

I usually use this one, but the other two are fine as well-----> Visual Birth Chart <------

Celebrity charts

Detailed Chart with Specific degrees

Step 3: Learn about yourself

Here's Kanye West's chart! He's got a Sun in Gemini, a Moon in Pisces, and a Cancer Rising.

Here is another interpretation of Kanye West's chart.

On this website, the red and blue lines and green circles inside his chart are the aspects. (2) Green circles are conjunctions (soft/good aspects), Blue lines are sextiles and trines (soft/good aspects), and the Red lines are oppositions (hard aspects). The more hard aspects, the more conflict a person has going on within

Everything is an interpretation. Movies are interpretations of scripts/books/life. Astrology is an interpretation used to understand personalities and life.

Go on forums and watch youtube videos to learn about your own Sun/Moon combinations. The human mind is so complex that there is no one definition of a person's personality.

Information about astrology:

Fun with Astrology

Moon sign tables

Astro Library

Dark Star

Awesome Forums:


Linda Goodman


Youtube Channels:

Alyssa Sharpe-What I Hate About Your Sign

Will Harrison

When in doubt, ask Google.

So enjoy reading your daily horoscope. Just know, horoscopes are not Astrology.

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