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    • mmpriest71

      I grew up in MA and in 1989, NKOTB were all the rage. I knew where Donnie Wahlberg lived and the summer before my freshman year in college, my sisters and I made it our business to drive by fairly often. I commuted to college my freshman year so one day in the fall, I brought a friend to go stalk, er, I mean see if Donnie was home. We knew he had a black jeep Cherokee with gold trim and as we were parked across the street, down a bit, in my blue Chrysler Reliant (dbj), the Jeep pulled up; we Freaked! We pulled up and rolled down the window, it wasn’t Donnie, and said, AHHHH YOU DONNIE’S BRUTHAH? Yup, it was Mark, handed him a note to give to Donnie and whilst the Wahlberg’s either got a great kick out of it or called the police, THAT is how I inadvertently met Mark Wahlberg. ..stalking his bruthah.

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