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11 Times "Friends" Represented Our Lives

238 episodes featuring our six favorite friends have not only given us laughter, but also these 11 real-life scenarios.

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11. The stages of giving birth:


Because we all wish having a baby was that easy.

10. The friend who makes us question reaching for that second piece of bread or ordering another margarita:

And we respond with this:

9. When we see someone beautiful:

8. When we're feeling down about life and love:

7. Receiving a text with your instead of you're:

6. Attempting to use this pick-up line:

5. When we stop living with our parents:

4. Taking group #selfies:

3. Coming up with infalliable arguments:

2. When we're thrown into awkward situations:

1. When we get so angry and words are not enough, so we do this:

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