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Why Ariel Winter Is My Role Model

She is just so dang cool.

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she isn't ashamed to show off her scars, and you shouldn't be either.
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she isn't ashamed to show off her scars, and you shouldn't be either.

Ariel Winter is a goddess

No I don't mean that as a description of any of her physical attributes, nor do I think she is a literal divine being, but she is such a source of inspiration from me and I just think she's the bee's knees.

She recently bared her breast reduction surgery scars fully intentionally at the SAG Awards and there are so many reasons why that is important.

It Makes Scars Okay

For a lot of people, seeing celebrities doing something tends to justify it. For me, this just solidifies my personal belief that scars, stretch marks, and anything you once kept hidden are nothing to be ashamed of. Every inch of your body tells a story and whether you've always liked it or just learned to embrace it, it's important to never feel ashamed and never cover up who you are and what you truly look like.

It Reinforces an Unpopular Decision

Regarding wanting breast reduction surgery, I understand where Ariel is coming from. As someone with a larger chest I have always wanted the procedure, much to the disdain of those around me, especially boyfriends.

They would constantly berate me for wanting to make my breasts smaller, telling me that I'm not appreciating the "gift" God has given me and that having the procedure would lessen my womanhood.

What other people don't realize is that this "gift" is the gift that keeps on giving: back problems, unwanted attention, and difficulty finding clothing are among a few of the "gifts" that I have received over the years due to having larger breasts.

Ariel's decision to go through the surgery, while incredibly personal, is admirable. She had the courage to take control of her own body and make the necessary changes to make her happy and healthy, and it reminded me that ultimately this body is mine and no one else's, and I shouldn't do something or not do something just to make someone else happy.

It Teaches Body Positivity

By showing off her scars, Ariel told the world that she loves her body no matter what, serving as a point of inspiration for women everywhere to take up the challenge of loving their own bodies. It is, of course, a huge challenge sometimes, with the media's portrayal of standard beauty not always matching up with your own, but it is a challenge worth pursuing.

All in all, Ariel Winter is just a wonderful and inspirational human being, and I hope to someday have even a portion of the courage and grace she has.

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