If “Parks And Recreation” Episodes Were Titled Like “Friends” Episodes

The One In The Parks Department

1. “The One With All The Waffles”

NBC / Via uproxx.com

2. “The One With Jerry’s Painting”

NBC / Via hitfix.com

3. “The One Where Ben Is Unemployed”

NBC / Via toybox.io9.com

4. “The One With The Fart Attack”

NBC / Via mediamikes.com

5. “The One With All The Snake Juice”

6. “The One With Leslie’s Award”

NBC / Via tv.com

7. “The One Where Ron Gets Dreadlocks”

NBC / Via giphy.com

8. “The One With April and Andy’s Dinner Party”

NBC / Via rebloggy.com

9. “The One Where Eagleton Sucks”

NBC / Via pecand.com

10. “The One With Janet Snakehole and Burt Macklin”

NBC / Via becuo.com

11. “The One With The Roller Skates”

NBC / Via spoilertv.com

12. “The One Where Joe Shows Up”

NBC / Via giphy.com

13. “The One With Ron’s Eyebrows”

14. “The One With The Smallest Park”


15. “The One With The Unity Quilt”

NBC / Via ew.com

16. “The One Where They Treat Themselves”

NBC / Via giphy.com

17. “The One With The Pyramid”

NBC / Via imgkid.com

18. “The One Where Ron Babysits”

19. “The One Where Ron Goes Off The Grid”

NBC / Via giphy.com

20. “The One Where They Lose Li’l Sebastian”

NBC / Via horsenation.com

21. “The One Where There Is Not Enough Red Carpet”

NBC / Via tumblr.com

22. “The One Where Ron Is Shot In The Head”

NBC / Via hitfix.com

23. “The One With All The Twilight Books”

24. “The One With The Two Penguins”

NBC / Via afterellen.com

25. “The One Where Jerry Gets Mugged”

NBC / Via hulu.com

26. “The One With The Offensive Mural”

NBC / Via pecand.com

27. “The One With Ron’s New Chair”

NBC / Via giphy.com

28. “The One Where Leslie Changed The Lyrics”

29. “The One When Ben Accepts A Job And Quits”

NBC / Via pecand.com

30. “The One With Jerry’s New Name”

31. “The One With The Peach Pit”

32. “The One With March 31st”

NBC / Via rebloggy.com

33. “The One With The Giant Soda”

34. “The One With All The Compliments”

NBC / Via pecand.com

35. “The One With The Bucket List”

NBC / Via tvweb.com

36. “The One With The Meat Tornado”

NBC / Via pecand.com

37. “The One With The Audit”

NBC / Via hollywood.com

38. “The One Where Tom Buys Out SkyMall”

NBC / Via theatlantic.com

39. “The One With The Duet”

NBC / Via shakesville.com

40. “The One With The Raccoon Problem”

NBC / Via pecand.com

41. “The One Where April Is The Best Man”

42. “The One With The Calzones”

NBC / Via pecand.com

43. “The One With Jerry’s Sweet Sixteen”

44. “The One With Leslie’s New Hairdo”

NBC / Via weheartit.com

45. “The One Where Burt Macklin Solves The Case”

46. ‘The One With All The Bachelor Parties”

NBC / Via nbc.com

47. “The One With The Pit”

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