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    36 Mouthwatering Hamantaschen To Make This Purim

    To satisfy all your Purim needs!

    1. Funfetti Cheesecake Hamantaschen

    Nina Safar / Via

    The more funfetti the better. Find the recipe here.

    2. S’more Hamentashen

    SHOSHANA / Via

    S'more are not for the campfire anymore. Find the recipe here.

    3. Egg Roll Hamantaschen

    Nina Safar / Via

    Basically bite size egg rolls. Sign me up! Find out how to make them here.

    4. Taco Hamantaschen

    Nina Safar / Via

    Add a little fiesta to your Purim celebration. Find the recipe here.

    5. Pecan Pie Hamantashen

    overtimecook / Via

    Thanksgiving in one bite. Find the recipe here.

    6. Speculoos Hamantaschen

    Shannon Sarna / Via

    Super yummy. Find out how to make them here.

    7. Triple Chocolate Hamantaschen

    Shannon Sarna / Via

    The more chocolate the better. Find them here.

    8. Red Velvet Hamantaschen

    Amy Kritzer / Via

    Find the recipe here.

    9. Rainbow Hamantaschen

    Melinda Strauss / Via

    Not just pretty on the eyes! Find out how to make them here.

    10. Black and White Cookie Hamantaschen

    Melinda Strauss / Via

    Chocolate or vanilla? Find the recipe here.

    11. Halva Hamantaschen

    Amy Kritzer / Via

    Halva goodness. Find the recipe here.

    12. Mint Chocolate Hamantaschen

    Amy Kritzer / Via

    Find the recipe here.

    13. Baklava Hamantaschen

    chanie / Via

    The perfect clash of cultures. Find the recipe here.

    14. Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel Hamantaschen

    Melinda Strauss / Via

    Topped off with a pretzel! Find the recipe here.

    15. Dairy Free Hamantaschen

    toriavey / Via

    The classic minus the dairy! Find the recipe here.

    16. Lemon Bar Hamantaschen

    Erin Havah / Via

    Find the recipe here.

    17. Cookies n’ Cream Hamantaschen

    Melissa / Via

    Yes, please!! Find out how to make them here.

    18. Brown Sugar Hamantaschen

    FFF / Via

    Calling all cookie lovers! Find the recipe here.

    19. Pop Tart Hamantaschen

    Nina Safar / Via

    A school day classic. Find the recipe here.

    20. Cheddar Biscuit Hamantaschen

    Melinda Strauss / Via

    A hamantaschen with southern roots. Find the recipe here.

    21. Neopolitan Hamantaschen

    Amy Kritzer / Via

    Three flavors is better than one. Find it here.

    22. Gluten Free Vegan Hamantaschen Cookies with Poppy Seed Filling

    Audrey / Via

    Hamantaschen for everyone! Find the recipe here.

    23. Nutella Hamantaschen

    CAMILLE / Via

    You can never go wrong with Nutella. Find it here.

    24. BBQ Pulled Brisket Hamenstaschen

    Alex / Via

    Umm, is this even a question?! Yes, PLEASE!! Find it here.

    25. Rice Krispie Treat Hamantaschen

    Rebecca Pliner / Via

    A twist on the traditional cookie. Find the recipe here.

    26. Fluffernutter Hamantaschen

    overtimecook / Via

    Yummmmmmy. Find it here.

    27. Pumpkin Chai Hamantaschen

    Melissa / Via

    Hamantaschen with a twist of fall flavors. Find the recipe here.

    28. Funfetti Hamantaschen

    Melissa / Via

    Add a little color to the cookie! Find the recipe here.

    29. Piña Colada Hamantaschen

    Melissa / Via

    Do you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain? Then this recipe is for you! Find it here.

    30. Peanut Butter and Jelly Hamantaschen

    Melissa / Via

    Peanut butter and hamantaschen time! (With a little jelly, too!!) Find it here.

    31. Blueberry Crisp Hamantaschen

    kosherculinaryarts / Via

    Basically bite size pie! Find it here.

    32. Date & Almond Hamantaschen

    chanie / Via

    The perfect date! Find the recipe here.

    33. Raspberry Hamantaschen Hand Pies

    chanie / Via

    Overflowing with raspberry yumminess. Find the recipe here.

    34. Caramel Apple Hamantaschen

    toriavey / Via

    Caramel apples in cookie form. Find the recipe here.

    35. Sushi Hamantaschen

    busyinbrooklyn / Via

    You'll need some chopsticks for this one! Find it here.

    36. Balsamic Red Onion Hamantaschen


    Get the recipe for these savory hamantaschen here.

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