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    32 Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Travel The World

    Never stop exploring.

    1. This simple map.

    2. For the voyager.

    3. For the person who wants the whole world in their hands.

    4. To remember what is out there.

    5. To fill in the dots of where you have been.

    6. To take your favorite place with you.

    7. For the simple but bold.

    8. To remember your motto.

    9. To get lost in the right direction.

    10. For those who cannot live without travel.

    11. If travel is the key to your heart.

    12. Words to live by.

    13. For a different mode of transportation.

    14. For the jet-setter.

    15. For the explorer.

    16. For London fans.

    17. For those living at the airport

    18. For some guidance.

    19. For the French traveler.

    20. To keep track of where you are going.

    21. For those who want to be a traveler and not a tourist.

    22. "We'll Always Have Paris."

    23. To plan out your next adventure.

    24. For the free spirit.

    25. For the adventurer.

    26. To mark where you have been.

    27. To see where the adventure will take you.

    28. For those who want to see the world.

    29. For the old-fashioned traveler.

    30. For the New Yorker.

    31. For a great motto.

    32. GO!

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