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32 Reasons Why You Should Never Study Abroad

New cultures, new food, new experiences!? No thank you!

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1. Some people say studying abroad is a wonderful experience.

University of Glasgow, Scotland

2. Those people are lying.

Aix-en-Provence, France

3. Seriously, who wants to live in another country for that long?

Paris, France

4. It's not like you'll get acclimated or anything.

Carnivale in Venice, Italy

5. You'll be begging to come home.

Universiteit van Amsterdam in The Netherlands

6. The classes are EXTREMELY boring.

Museo de Prato en Espana

7. And you will probably be stuck inside most of the day.

Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, France

8. Most likely you'll be swamped with homework and readings ALL the time.

Perugia, Italy

9. And the nightlife?

Ibiza, Spain

11. It's pretty dull in most cities.

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.

12. Don't get me started on the food.

French Riviera

13. It probably sucks no matter what country you are in.

Gusta Pizza, Florence, Italy

14. Seriously, it isn't worth it.

Gelateria De' Neri, Florence, Italy

15. And who wants to travel EVERY weekend?

Interlaken, Switerland

16. It can be pretty hard to get around.

17. Most of these countries have nothing to offer.

London, England

18. They are SUPER boring.

The Striezelmarkt Christmas market in Dresden, Germany

19. And SO crowded.

Krabi, Thailand

20. It isn't like anything important happened in any of these countries.

Palace of Versailles

21. Seriously, nothing.

It's basically like walking through a textbook.

22. Becoming cultured is SO BORING.

David by Michelangelo

23. Really there is not much to gain out of it.

Positano, Italy

24. Think you'll make some new friends!?

Czech Republic, Prague

25. Think again.

Abbey Road in London, England.

26. It's not like you'll talk to them once you return home.

Granada, Spain

27. You won't learn anything new.

Edinburgh Castle in Scotland.

28. Biggest waste of time.

Krka National Park in Croatia.

29. Really, don't bother.

The Love Lock Bridge in Paris, France.

30. Just don't do it.

Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

31. Really, don't.

Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand

32. You will literally get nothing out of this expeirence.

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