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32 Awesome Mugs Every Movie Lover Will Appreciate

"You did it! Congratulations! World's best cup of coffee!" — Buddy The Elf

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1. For the Harry Potter fan

TooLegitTooKnit / Via

2. For The Hunger Games fan

SincerelyEunice / Via

3. For the Frozen fans

CoffeeMugCup / Via

4. For the Monsters Inc. fans

SeedsOfFaithMom / Via

5. For the Star Wars fans

InfinityMugs / Via

6. For The Lord of the Ring fans

littlegeekeryshop / Via

7. For the Ghostbusters fan

TheRetroMugShop / Via

8. For the Jaws fan

gnarlyink / Via

9. For the Despicable Me fans

mugmugilarez / Via

10. For The Lion King fans

SeedsOfFaithMom / Via

11. For The Guardians of the Galaxy fans

ShadamVintage / Via

12. For the Robocop fans

hoodooartstudio / Via

13. For fans of The Notebook


14. For the Jurassic Park fan

tianamugprint / Via

15. For the Elf fan

TikiTee / Via

16. For the Big Hero 6 fan

SmartDesignClothing / Via

17. For the Bridesmaids fans

Tenicmug / Via

18. For fans of The Big Lebowski

ClaudiaVarosio / Via

19. For the fans of The Help

BartlettDesign / Via

20. For fans of The Faults in Our Stars

MenagerieMagique / Via

21. For the Mary Poppins fan

gnarlyink / Via

22. For fans of Up

MenagerieMagique / Via

23. For the Legally Blonde fan

perksofaurora / Via

24. For the Anchorman fans


25. For fans of Say Anything

Siostra / Via

26. For fans of Mean Girls

perksofaurora / Via

27. For the Top Gun fan

humanitysource / Via

28. For fans of The Hangover

MugSmug / Via

29. For fans of Clueless

perksofaurora / Via

30. For fans of The Shining

TheCottonCult / Via

31. For fans of The Wizard of Oz

missbohemia / Via

32. For fans of Fantastic Mr. Fox

RebelYouthGraphics / Via

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