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21 Reasons You Should Never Visit Florence, Italy

Fresh pizza, pasta and gelato? Eh, might sit this one out...

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1. Some people believe Florence is a beautiful city in Europe.

2. But waking up to this view every morning is painful.

3. It gets even worse at night.

4. The food is less than average.

Gusta Pizza or bust.

5. Especially the gelato.

Might as well stick to the store bought kind.

6. Fresh pasta? Now that's a joke.

Madeleine Holker / Via

7. The cappuccino's don't even have that infamous coffee buzz.

Just make sure it is before dinner!

8. The food from the market is never fresh.

9. It isn't like Tuscany is know for its wine.

Valentina D'Aiuto / Via

10. The streets are basically a ghost town.

11. It's not like any major works of art reside here.

The Uffizi is home to some major artwork including pieces such as The Birth of Venus and Primavera .

12. Unimpressed.

David by Michelangelo

13. It's not like The Renaissance took place here or anything.

It is basically walking into a textbook.

14. Seriously, is there any culture in Florence?

Gates of Paradise by Ghiberti.

15. And the city can get so overcrowded.

The Boboli Gardens are located behind The Pitti Palace which was owned by the Medici family.

16. Trying to get some peace and quiet? Try again.

17. It's really not worth the climb to the top of The Duomo.

All 463 steps, that is.

18. Seriously, the view is average at best.

The city from Giotto’s Campanile.

19. It's not like anything fun happens here.

Notte Bianca is Florence's annual all night party throughout the city.

20. Don't bother wasting a trip.

21. Really though, why would anyone want to visit Florence?

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