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21 DIY Gifts Your Mom Will Love This Mother's Day

Because homemade is ALWAYS better.

1. Make a chocolate flower bouquet.

2. Paint a Mason jar picture frame.

3. Make some tiny photo magnets.

4. Make a photo candle.

5. Give her a lotus flower ring holder.

6. Make some fizzy scented bath bombs.

7. Paint some ombré wooden spoons.

8. Make a brag book.

9. Glue some popsicle sticks together to create a frame.

10. Create a recipe book.

11. Infuse some olive oil.

12. Paint some kitchen towels.

13. Make a coffee scented candle.

14. DIY some photo votives.

15. Make some homemade flavored salt.

16. Use old rose petals to make a baby rose sugar scrub.

17. Sew together a zipper pouch.

18. Paint a footprint stool.

19. Make a zipper book clutch.

20. DIY a gardening bucket.

21. Send a hug!