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    18 Fandom Inspired Recipes That Every Fan Will Love

    Fandom and foodies combine!!!

    For The Hunger Games fan

    Color Force

    1. Peeta's Cheese Buns

    YAMMIE / Via

    Find the recipe here.

    2. Peeta's Goat Cheese and Apple Tart

    YAMMIE / Via

    Straight from the Mellark family bakery! Find the recipe here.

    3. Lamb Stew With Dried Plums

    Angela Roberts / Via

    Katniss's favorite meal from the Capitol. Find the recipe here.

    For the Harry Potter fans

    Warner Bros.

    4. Golden Snitch Cake Pops

    Tonya / Via

    Find the recipe here.

    5. Butterbeer Float

    Paige / Via

    No need to travel to Hogsmeade for this one! Find the recipe here.

    6. Pumpkin Juice

    Anna Monette Roberts / Via

    The wizards orange juice. Find the recipe here.

    For fans of The Divergent Series

    Red Wagon Entertainment / Summit Entertainment

    7. Dauntless Chocolate Cake

    Brandi Milloy / Via

    Watch the video tutorial here.

    8. Amity Peace Serum Bread

    Emma Carew Grovum / Via

    Add in honey for "peace serum." Find the recipe here.

    For Game of Thrones Fans


    9. Strawberry Pie

    SARIANN / Via

    Almost as good as the lemon cakes. Find the recipe here.

    10. A White Walker Cocktail

    aheapingspoonful / Via

    Find this and more Game of Thrones cocktails here.

    For fans of Lord of the Rings

    WingNut Films

    11. An Eye of Sauron Cake

    Mary / Via

    Find the recipe here.

    12. Grilled Strawberry Shortcake With Lemon Cream

    Alison Sickelka / Via

    Perfect for second breakfast. Find the recipe here.

    13. Fish and Chips Lunch

    Alison Sickelka / Via

    Gollum probably would not be a fan. Find the recipe here.

    For Dr. Who fans


    14. The TARDIS-tini

    For Star Trek Fans


    15. A Rokeg Blood Pie

    foodreplicator / Via

    Find it here.

    16. Algae Puffs

    foodreplicator / Via

    The local dish from Delta Quadrant. Find the recipe here.

    For fans of Mad Men


    17. A Don Draper's Old Fashioned

    neurotickitchen / Via

    Find the recipe here.

    18. Grasshopper Ice Cream "Pie" Sundaes

    neurotickitchen / Via

    Don Draper would approve. Find the recipe here.

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