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18 Times Jennifer Lawrence's Obsession With Food Got Real

The hunger what??

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1. That time when she won an award and was upset it wasn't food.

MTV / Via

2. When Katniss took a quick break on the set of The Hunger Games to eat some chips.

3. When she found a silver lining during this interview.

4. When she held nothing back about how she felt on the red carpet.

EOnline / Via

5. When she talked about her food coma.

6. When she ignored the questions about her dress and told the truth on the red carpet.

7. And when she told us about her favorite part of the day.

popsugar / Via

8. When she found the perfect snack to put in her purse at the Oscars.

9. And when she made this face talking about cake balls.

AOL / Via

10. When she focused on what really was important during this interview.

11. When she told us her secrets on how she preps for a major award show.

giphy / Via

12. When she put that Kate Moss quote to shame.

13. That time she did an interview and was disappointed that the questions were not food.

14. When she was SUPER confident in her eating abilities.

NBC / Via

15. When her need for a mint got overtaken by her clumsiness.

16. When Ellen gave her pizza at the Oscars, which was better than actually winning the Oscar.

ABC / Via

17. When she had all the essentials in her purse at the Oscars. / Via

18. And when she asked the most important question of all.

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