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    18 Simple DIY Canvas Wall Hangings To Brighten Any Room

    Finally put those middle school art skills to use!

    1. Abstract Stripes On Canvas

    George Peters / Via

    Use some masking tape to make this simple design stand out. Find out more details here.

    2. Hexagon Wall Art

    Tara Dennis / Via

    Finally put those geometry skills to use! Find out how to create this canvas here.

    3. Scrapbook Flower Wall Art

    sarah {crafts unleashed editor} / Via

    Save all of those old magazines and find the patterns that suits you. Find out how to complete the design here.

    4. Instagram Canvas Prints

    Sarah Lipoff / Via

    Show off those Instagram photos! This simple tutorial can be found here.

    5. 3D Wordy Wall Art

    Christa / Via

    Make those words fly off the wall! Find out how to create this design here.

    6. Quotes On Canvas

    Kim Almonroeder / Via

    Add any saying you like! Find out how to make this here.

    7. Instagram Canvas Art Collage

    Sue / Via

    Forget about those photo albums! Create the perfect collage here.

    8. Glitter Chevron Canvas

    John and Rachel / Via

    The more glitter, the better! Find out how to craft this canvas here.

    9. Tissue Painted Canvas

    Lisa Storms / Via

    The most kid friendly project! Check out how to make this canvas with the kids here.

    10. Gold Stenciled Canvas


    Use those metallic accents to really brighten up a room. Find out more here.

    11. Cut Out Wall Art

    ASHLEY / Via

    Find out how to make these cutout wall hangings here.

    12. Ikat Canvas

    Deonna / Via

    The perfect gift for that new apartment. Find out how to make it here.

    13. Elmer's Glue On Canvas

    virginiaandcharlie / Via

    This design will make your walls pop! Find out how to do it here.

    14. Ombre Art

    Megan / Via

    Choose any shade for this trend! Find out how to make this super simple canvas here.

    15. Fabric On Canvas

    Kelly / Via

    Cover any canvas with your favorite fabric for an eye catching design. Find more details here.

    16. Stenciled Canvas Art

    Sarah / Via

    Add this simple stenciled pattern to any room. Find out how to create this symmetrical design here.

    17. Doily Rub-on Canvas

    Allison Kref / Via

    Ever wonder what to do with all those leftover doilies? Here is you solution.

    18. Abstract Paint With Masking Tape

    Amanda Wright / Via

    A little masking tape goes a long way. Find out how to create this design here.

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