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    18 Simple DIY Canvas Wall Hangings To Brighten Any Room

    Finally put those middle school art skills to use!

    1. Abstract Stripes On Canvas

    2. Hexagon Wall Art

    3. Scrapbook Flower Wall Art

    4. Instagram Canvas Prints

    5. 3D Wordy Wall Art

    6. Quotes On Canvas

    7. Instagram Canvas Art Collage

    8. Glitter Chevron Canvas

    9. Tissue Painted Canvas

    10. Gold Stenciled Canvas

    11. Cut Out Wall Art

    12. Ikat Canvas

    13. Elmer's Glue On Canvas

    14. Ombre Art

    15. Fabric On Canvas

    16. Stenciled Canvas Art

    17. Doily Rub-on Canvas

    18. Abstract Paint With Masking Tape